Accuracy from the top.

Entire test system is certified.

The accredited¹ ATA Accurate™ certification can span from simple to complex instruments. Unlike other certifications, however, the entire Ensure Test System can be calibrated to meet the standard. Customers can choose to have full ATA Accurate™ certification when ordering their Ensure™ System and/or can have ATA personnel visit their facility to calibrate periodically as needed.

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Calibration Lab Calibration
ATA Accurate™
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Better than the status quo

ATA maintains the training and expertise to provide accredited¹ calibration services so you don't have to spend time coordinating it. For installed Ensure™ Systems, ATA Accurate™ calibration results in significantly less downtime, as sensors do not have to be removed and can be calibrated simultaneously with the system.

Compared to calibration labs

External calibration labs can ensure that your sensors are accurate only to their stimulus reference. Beyond the reading of the sensor, error is unaccounted for from data acquisition to the hardware and software surrounding the sensor. You could have every sensor in your test system calibrated, but still have error in your data output.


Taking on calibration yourself may yield better results than outsourcing it. In theory, you should be able to achieve greater accuracy than simply calibrating the sensor(s) alone. However, the amount of resources and investment required to maintain in-house calibration capability are significant, especially for accredited¹ results.

Regional on-site calibration

ATA Accurate™ calibration is performed on-site to ensure best possible results. ATA schedules regular service intervals by region nationwide, so customers can choose to have their system calibrated when ATA is local for no additional travel or accommodations costs. Contact us to learn when we are visiting your area next.

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A2LA Accredited ISO 17025 Calibration Service

Scope of Accreditation

*Calibration and Measurement Capability Uncertainty (CMC)s are expanded uncertainties expressed at approximately the 95% level of confidence, usually using a coverage factor of k = 2. The actual measurement uncertainty of a specific calibration performed by the laboratory may be greater than the CMC due to the behavior of the customer’s device and to influences from the circumstances of the specific calibration. ¹Meets ISO/IEC 17025.