High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) Fuel Injector Tuning

Fuel injectors require comprehensive testing and tuning, from prototype configuration to performance testing and beyond. ATA delivered on a client's need for precision tuning to meet their stringent specifications for a high-pressure fuel injector actuator block. This solution replaced the client's existing outdated test system which lacked accuracy and precision, and significantly reduced their test cycle time.

Test parameters and variables measured included:

  • supply pressure
  • frequency
  • pulse-width
  • output pressure trace
  • injector actuator head response
  • temperature targets  

The client was then able to use custom tools to adjust the firing response of each actuator head according to their needs.

ATA engineers seamlessly integrated high frequency response sensors for output pressure trace detection, which capture real-time readings that can be saved to local data files. Time saving benefits also included custom component clamping for quick test part interchanges. The solution helped establish optimal tuning parameters for each injector head model, resulting in optimized actuator performance.

Using individual serial numbers as a reference system, clients can have confidence that parts are tuned to optimal parameters before being deployed. In this delivery, ATA also supplied all electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical drawings drawings of custom fixtures as well as software manuals.

These solutions allow for additions, configuration, and optimization of tests on existing fuel injector models, and can assist in development of new prototypes.